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Zero Shaders PE (Med/Low/Lite)

By Hyrazero

After I decided not to update the zebra shaders anymore, and finally I made a replacement with the name zero shaders. I made these shaders specifically for low device users so they can feel the beauty of the Minecraft world when using shaders without having to be burdened with heavy shaders and lag


This Is Shaders Only Support For Minecraft Mobile v1.17+

Screenshots :

Features :

  • Colorful Tonemapping

  • Foggy Rain

  • Beautiful Night Sky

  • Clean Water

  • Leaves move

  • Sun and moon

Supported Platforms :

  • Android

  • iOS (I Don’t know it’s work or not i don’t have iOS)

Tested On :

  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

  • Samsung Galaxy A01

  • Samsung Galaxy J2

  • Redmi Note 7

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