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Vanilla RTX Normals

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

By CubeIR.

Vanilla RTX Normals (aka Truly Vanilla RTX) is PBR resource pack for Minecraft with Ray tracing using 16x Normal maps with Vanilla textures

with perfect normal maps mostly drawn by hand, Vanilla RTX Normals is an special resource pack with fresh normals designed for Minecraft RTX. All Blocks are Covered!

There is also a subpack for Heightmaps which uses Heightmaps instead of normals for a more bumpy-pixelated look (similar to how Nvidias Crystal Palace looks)

Vanilla RTX Normals allows you to experience Minecraft with Ray tracing at It's best with Vanilla Textures, All of values for metallic/emissive/roughness have had special care & tweaking into them, there are several others packs that allows you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals.

In one of updates, A subpack was added for Vanilla Heightmaps, If you prefer their look, you can switch using gear icon by clicking on pack. note: Some images might be out dated, as there have been quality updates over time.

Full 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Blocks RTX/PBR support (in both subpacks)

image credit: Markom58

To access Education edition blocks you must activate pack in World settings with education edition turned on.

There are several patches for Vanilla RTX Normals that allows you to customize certain aspects of pack, you do not need to download them all, they are totally optional if you need them.

Vanilla RTX Normals - All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.

  • You are free to record videos while using Vanilla RTX Normals for any purpose.

  • You are free to modify Vanilla RTX Normals for your personal use.

  • You can also visit Discord server to get early access to all future news/updates or just to give feedback or if you have other questions.


+ Why Vanilla RTX normals has 2 Subpacks? what's different?

- the two subpacks use different types of PBR maps, normals subpack uses 16x normals simulates curvature on a surface and how light should bounce off it, while heightmaps simulates of depth on a flat surface per pixel (& later, game generates a 128x normal map based on it to fake depth)

+ Some patches have subpacks, why?

- Only Glowing ores & Glowing glazed terracotta patches include a subpack for heightmaps, this is only to retain consistency across all textures while using different subpacks in Vanilla RTX Normals itself.

+ How do I use patches, do I have to download all of them? - They are totally optional smaller packs that allows you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals, names of each should tell what they do, e.g Glowing ores makes ores Glow.

+ My game is not switching between subpacks

- Restart game, or activate pack in world/global settings instead.

+ What are Education Edition blocks?

- They simply replace Education edition element blocks, if you don't want this to happen you can activate pack in global settings, as resource packs are only able to affect education edition textures if activated in world settings.

+ Where can I find older versions of packs?

- All files of all versions are achieved on my Discord.

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