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Ultra Realismo Shader Lite v1.2 (Android/iOS)

By TheAlexanderツ

Ultra Realism Shader Lite v1.1 is a new low-resource realistic shader but that does not mean that it lags behind other shaders, it has the purpose of improving the graphics to the limit for a greater gaming experience, based on the canceled project by Mojang "Super Duper Graphics Pack" only compatible with (Android / iOS)

Screenshost: - Sunrise and sunset

- Day and night color

- White lighting and realistic shadows

-Realistic waters


  • Coloring of the world

  • White lighting

  • Beautiful and realistic sky similar to the "Super Duper Graphics Pack"

  • Realistic shadow

  • Realistic waters

  • Water wave

  • Aquatic caustic

  • Agitation of leaves and plants "generic movement"

  • Reflection of the sun in the water (sunrise / sunset)

  • Fog

  • Etc ...


  • Something very important that should be mentioned for those people who believe that this shader contains codes of the ESTN shader is not so, the ultra realism are based on the "SPDGP" as well as the ESTN and if you do not believe it you can compare shader by yourself ... Anyway, if you are not convinced by the ultra realistic graphics, I recommend the (ESTN shader) 100% as they have these best graphic details.

  • Use this mcpedl link if you want to share this shader.

  • Please do not create another link for this shader.

  • Please ask me for permission first, if you want to use any code from this shader.

  • This shader is based on the Super Duper Graphics Pack from Mojang's canceled project

  • This shader has a full version with better graphic details click here to take a look.

  • This shader may not be supported on some devices, if so tell me about the error on my Discord

  • Special thanks @bambo_san (Creator bicubic shader) for helping me with the water code <3

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