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Turtle Client MCPE 1.17

Updated: Jul 30, 2021


A new version of Turtle Client has been released to the public, and it’s better than ever.

If you don’t know what Minecraft Clients are, they are basically used to enhance the appearance and performance of your Minecraft. As some of you know, there are Clients such as Badlion and Lunar in the Java Edition of Minecraft. But in the Bedrock Edition however, Clients are such a rarity due to the games' code. Onix and Fate Client are the most popular Clients in the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft. But in the Pocket Edition however, Clients similar to Onix and Fate Client are nowhere to be seen. But Texture Pack Clients, which can be used on Mobile, are popping up left and right. And there’s no better Client Texture Pack than this one. The Turtle Client.

If you’re tired of your device lagging in Minecraft, this Optimizer shall do it’s job and ease lag in your device. Version 6.3 of the Client has been it’s biggest change yet. With a lot of features added to this already Feature-Rich Pack.


  • Health Indicator

  • Direction HUD

  • Enchanted Armor HUD

  • Better Free-cam

  • Offhand Items on the Armor HUD

  • Green Screen

  • New UI (New Panorama, New Pause Menu and the addition of Hints on the loading screen)

  • Chat Animation

  • 3rd Person Name Tag (customizable)

  • CPS Counter (only works on Mobile)

The Turtle Client has a really clean GUI, it has a custom loading screen which is of course, a Turtle. It also adapts a Dark Theme when you open the Inventory and the Pause Screen which I very much like. The panorama is changed but the menu screen stays the same. The Client has a slider when you click on gear just beside the deactivate button. There are 5 features that you can turn on using the slider. No Particles, Animated TnT, Animated Capes, Realistic Cape and One Chunk Render Distance! They also did some very convenient texture changes, like the transparent items frames, Outlined Ores and the effect indicator in the Potion Texture. This is perfect if you play on Servers like The Hive.

The new Direction HUD is very accurate but can be annoying to some, but you can easily turn it off in the Mods section in the Settings menu. Let’s also not forget that they improved their cosmetics. Yes, this client has cosmetics. The cape has been redesigned to have a Turtle in the middle of the , and also have been removed from NPCs, which has been since version 5. They also added a Bandana with a cute little Turtle also located in the middle of it. And they also added a chat animation, when someone chats, instead of it popping out of the top-left corner of your screen, they would slide from the left and also exits to that direction. I don’t even know how they all coded this, but props to the Team at Turtle Client. These features are deemed impossible at first, but they made it possible! And before I forget, you can also use this on top of your favorite Texture Packs which is very convenient!


Some features of this Client are banned from servers such as The Hive. Features such as the Health Indicator and Free-cam. So use this pack AT YOUR OWN RISK!


  • Click the Download button at the bottom of this Article, or just go turtleclient.xyz

  • Click on Download from Linkvertise, although you can also click on the other 2 but if you want to download it immediately, Click Download from Linkvertise.

  • Click on Free Access with ads.

  • Do the operations needed to get the link, which is a MediaFire link.

  • Click on the file to Download it.

  • After you downloaded the File, Import it to Minecraft via a File Explorer (ex. ZArchiver), click on Open with Minecraft and enjoy!


This pack was created by Chixuty, he also got help in development by Bedezu, Barcicle, ambient, MrD, Kryston and Lode StarYT.

Overall, Turtle Client is the best Client Texture Pack for MCPE, a true Optimizer, tons of features, Simple GUI, cosmetics and it’s only gonna get better. The Client community has gone a long way and it would be very interesting to see what comes in store for the next update. This is a must-have for the ones who has bad device performance and just for everyone who plays Bedrock Edition.

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