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Steven's Traditional | Texture Pack - Caves & Cliffs: Part I


Steven's Traditional is a resource pack totally inspired by Minecraft's default textures, with a 64×64 HD resolution, which makes each one perceive much more detail, after all, its original resolution was tripled. the original textures, leaving as a result... well, see for yourself 😉

This is a porting made from the original Java package, which has been created by its official author Steven. The porting for the Bedrock editions, has some animations implemented recently, and the porting faithful to the original Java package will be kept, with some adaptations in the UI and GUI, outside of that, each update will be to improve the package and keep it as similar as possible to the original. This port was possible thanks to the permissions granted to me, for which I must also give a big thank you to BreeCrexxPer, as it was he who took the time to speak directly with the creator, informing about what was a small individual contribution of the package in question, resulting in the permissions and help to carry out this great texture to Bedrock, now in a more organized and advanced way, in order to achieve a good and quite professional port.


- Press on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the bottom of the page

- Press on "free access with ads"

- Wait 10 seconds

- Press "Download"

- Open any document app (ex. ES File Explorer, ZArchive) and open it with Minecraft

A video guide can be found in the "GUIDE" section of this website.


Once the pack has been imported to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, select the "options" button and look at the left column. Scroll down until you see "Global Resources." Press on "Global Resources" button. Then look under packs and activate PACK NAME. Then you exist the options menu and enjoy your game with this amazing texture pack!

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