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Squid Game Armor Pack!

By RealSubZero

Hello there!

Ever wanted to look like the character from Squid Game, such as the guards and contestant? Well I’m here to tell you now you can with this armor pack I created as soon as I watched the show. This pack could be used for many things from roleplay to just wanting to test it out!

The first armor sets that we have is the guards. These come in three diff types: Circle Guard, Triangle Guard and Square Guard. All The Armor In This Addon Can Be Found In The Chestplate Sub-Category. Here is how they look in game:

Circle Guard: 4.5 Armor Slots

Triangle Guard: 4.5 Armor Slots

Square Guard: 4.5 Armor Slots

That’s it for the guards! Time to move onto the Contestants, this is planned to get multiple versions in the future. Here is how they look in game:

Contestant: 3 Armor Slots

That is the first version of the addon, I hope you all enjoy!

If you wish to use this addon in public maps, YouTube videos etc. You must link the MCPEDL Page in the descriptions.

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