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Simplistic Shader

By someonenamednz

Simplistic Shader is an shader that focuses to only basic parts. Simplistic Shader will be updated often. It’s very good for low-end devices. All devices can run this shader without problem. This shader is Survival Friendly.


  • Smooth Shadows

  • Plant And Leaves Wave

  • Awesome Lightning

  • Waving Water

  • Transparent Water

  • Nether Color

  • End Color

  • Full Grass Selection

Photos From V1.0.0

Photos From V1.0.2

Photos from V1.0.3

Please Note! This version is not working in windows 10 edition.

More features will be added in the future.

You have permissions to make an video about this shader with giving this mcpedl link.

Thank you for using Simplistic Shader.

If you have any questions or suggestions:

discord: dnzhnym#4521

twitter: dnzhnym

instagram: dnzhnym

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