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Riverrain 60k Pack (Dryad V2)

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Riverrain123 has released his PVP Texture Pack for his 60K Subscriber Special!

Riverrain123 is one of the more prominent Minecraft Bedrock Edition YouTubers in the community right now. At the time of this writing, he has accumulated over 67 Thousand Subscribers on his YouTube channel and is also growing at a fast rate. He mainly does Texture Pack Showcases, Minecraft Bedrock/MCPE Client Reviews and sometimes livestreams while playing on his Realm or in the Hive Bedrock Edition server network. He is also friends with FryBry, another popular Minecraft Bedrock Edition YouTuber and owner of this very website!



After he hit 60,000 subscribers, he released his 60K PVP Texture Pack. Which is named “Dryad V2”. And I would say, It is one of the best PVP Texture Packs I’ve ever seen and would be very perfect if you mainly play Skyways, Survival Games, Bedwars, Treasure Wars and other PVP gamemodes. Although this can also be great in Survival Minecraft if you want a more different aesthetic in your world.


  • Outlined Ores

  • Less than 10MB

  • Short Fire

  • Complete overhaul of Diamonds

  • Short Swords

  • Clear GUI

  • Custom Skybox

  • Custom Crosshair


This pack has it all! The ores and blocks are somewhat changed, the Diamond ore, block and the Crafting Table are completely overhauled, the Armor has like a heart in the middle of it which is very amazing to look at, they also did a fantastic job on the tools and the items, incorporating the “Blue” theme. Which is actually River’s favorite color. And the sky is absolutely breathtaking. The pack is sophisticated, that’s what’s makes it beautiful. And If you are playing on Mobile, the controls are completely WIPED OUT! The move buttons, jump button, sneak button, pause button, EVERY BUTTON IS REMOVED! If you want to see things clearly, this would be a great pack for you! And speaking of Mobile, if you have a low-end device, this will definitely ease some l

ag! Although It’s not guaranteed to completely Boost your FPS, the pack would definitely help reduce lag due to it’s resolution and it’s small file size. This pack is made for everyone, every device.


  • Press on the Download tab below the article.

  • You will be taken to a MediaFire page.

  • Click the file to download it.

  • After downloading it, import it to Minecraft using a File Explorer (ex. ZArchiver, ES File Explorer)


This texture pack was made by Keno. And it was actually revamped by HeyaSaka, who also helped Riverrain123 on his other milestone packs like the 50k Pack.

In conclusion, the Riverrain123 60K Pack is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It is sophisticated in it’s nature, the true beauty of this pack. This will definitely improve your experience in Minecraft if you are tired with the plain old Vanilla Textures. This pack is a massive success and I would definitely recommend this if you are mainly into PVP or just wants a different texture pack that fits your vibe.

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