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Portal Gun Add-on (Major Update, Added Scripts)

By Amon28

Want to experience the portal gun of java but in bedrock? with this add-on you can now experience the portal gun and you can troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere.

With this add-on a portal gun item will be added in your world. The portal gun is quite easy to craft.

When you craft the portal gun it will be BLUE by default when firing the portal gun it would switch to ORANGE.

1. Normal Portal Gun

1x Ender Eye

6x Obsidian

2x iron Ingot

2. Potato Portal Gun

This portal gun has every functionality of a normal portal gun. It also plays voice lines of potato Glados.

1x Normal Portal Gun

1x Potato

3. Rick and Morty Portal Gun

6x Iron Ingot

2x Glass

1x Ender Eye

Gravity Gun:

How can I pick up blocks?

  1. Hold a portal gun in your hand (can be any color) (except for the rick and mort portal gun)

  2. Look directly down and shoot and it will convert your portal gun into a gravity gun.

  3. Shoot whatever blocks you want to pick up

How can I place the block?

  1. Put the floating block somewhere you want to place

  2. then sneak to place the block or you can also shoot to throw blocks.

To convert it to the portal gun again shoot directly down.

If there is a block in its place it will break that block and drop it.

For now you can only pick up the following blocks:

Will add more blocks in the future.

Comment the blocks you want to be added in the next update.

Credits to the commenter for commenting this idea: Step_HD

Making Black Holes

  • Shoot directly up using your portal gun.

  • To remove the blackhole switch to the blackhole portal gun again and sneak and shoot.

Anything that gets close to the black hole will get suck in and killed including you and your items.

I Have also added a page on How to play for the portal gun so you can have an easy guide on how to use the portal gun and also how to craft it.

Settings>How To Play>Scroll to the bottom

If you are worried about if this version is compatible with your device, this version is compatible with win10, mobile and other devices.

The scripts version removes all the limits of the normal portal gun version, no limits to how many players can use the portal gun, portal guns are now player tied instead of item tied this covers the blackhole gun and the levitation gun.

The only changes is how you place blocks using the portal gun, instead of sneaking you can only shoot the blocks. This is due to some bug in the scripts not detecting if the player is sneaking.

I have only tested this with only 2 players in a world, not sure how this would perform in a world of many players.

If there is a problem feel free to comment it.



  • Feel free to make videos using this addon just credit.

  • You are not allowed to make your own download link of this addon.

  • You are not allowed to share the direct link.

  • If there is a bug happening in the beta version I will not support it.


Before Installing:

  • Experimental Mode must be turned on in your world.

  • Except caves and cliffs and custom biomes.

  • Gametest is a must.

  • Might not work with other addons.

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