• Bryant Vidals

Pixel UI

By KillerArt

[This pack is a beta, report the bugs you find]

Bored of the Vanilla UI? Well, try Pixel UI! Pixel UI gives Minecraft a modern-looking User Interface as well as being controller friendly!


Main Menu:

(References to Notch are back!)

Play Screen:

Singleplayer Screen:


- Credits:

Main design:

  • Minecraft.net

  • @KillerArt


  • @KillerArt


  • @KillerArt.

  • @89Ducks(Gamepad controls)

- Original ideas:

  • Main Menu: based on the preview menu from "dotJS 2018, adding JavaScript to Minecraft". the icons are taken from Minecraft Earth. The title size, the credits and the version number are based on the Java Edition.

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer screens: inspired by the Legacy Console Editions and Bedrock.

  • Overall Design: some of minecraft.net's design + blending edits

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