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OverWorld Shaders v0.1 BETA

By SiddhiMG44

This Shaders Made by me

Low End Shaders for MCPE

OverWorld/OVPE Shaders are lightweight shaders that can support potato devices and even 1GB of ram. This is the first shaders I made, so please let me know the bugs, because this is still a BETA version.

These are Vanilla Enhanced Shaders

This Shaders make your Minecraft Colorfull and Beautifull.Shaders for Low end Devices and No Lag!

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All Credits in file "Credits.docx"






Shaders Featured:

-Realistic Sky

-With fog

-Realistic Light

-Aesthetic World color

-Realistic Cloud

-Realistic Light

-Plants/Water Waving

-Smooth Shadow

Recomended settings:

-Brightness 50

-Fancy grapich on

-Fancy Sky on

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