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Newb-SL Shader

By Karu_Joss

Newb-SL Shader is a custom made by KaruJoss of VeteranDev's NewbShader

This Shader tries to give a nice and aesthetic touch to Minecraft Bedrock Edition with different features that make it look beautiful.

Original Shader: https://mcpedl.com/newb-shader/

All credits to VeteranDev

Newb-SL Shader (Newb Shader modification): By Karu Z

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/KaruZ

Only for Android and iOS MCPE (uses OpenGL ES)

MCBE Win10 / Xbox Edition is not supported (uses Renderdragon engine)

This shader may be buggy! Beware

VeteranDev's permission to post this job:

Features and changes:

Lighting: Features customizable natural soft lighting with lots of subtle details. torchlight and lanterns give a warm tone

Clouds: Clouds are soft and adapt to rain.

Sky: A bright, natural-looking sky that gives the shader an aesthetic feel.

Water: A calm, relaxing water that is really light but looks beautiful. Their colors are adapted to the biomes.

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