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New Body Animations!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Are you tired of the regular boring body animations? Well this addon spices up your game by providing new animations that will completely change your MCPE animations. These animations are easy to activate and will make your game feel way more realistic. These animations are inspired by multiple Java mods that came before it.

This addon is compatible with all versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition which include: Xbox, IOS, Android, Windows 10


- Realistic lifting animation

- Realistic sitting animation

- Realistic lying down animation

- Realistic climbing animation

- Realistic crawling animation


The lifting animation is extremely realistic and you make it appear you are lifting certain mobs like pigs. Activating the lifting animation is simple.

- To get the lifting up animation, approach the entity you want lift up and look at the entity and sneak. Once you are sneaking, then jump. To exit this animation, just jump once again.


One of the more popular animations in this addon, the sitting animation can be used in many instances whether that be for thumbnails, roleplays, etc. Activating the sitting animation is straightforward.

- Start by looking down as much as you can and sneak. This will activate the sitting animation.


Another amazing animation this addon incudes is a lying down animation! You can lie down near a bed to give the illusion of you sleeping on the bed.

- To activate this animation, make your Minecraft character look down as much as possible and then sneak. To deactivate this animation, just sneak again.


A very detailed animation that appears quite humorous.

- To activate this crawling animation, make sure you are sitting (instructions for sitting can be found above), then simply walk forward in any direction. To stop this animation, just sneak or jump.


To make it clear, the climbing animation refers to the character climbing on the ground, a horizontal surface, not a vertical surface. Either way, this animation is extremely realistic and provides a very detailed custom animation.

- To activate this animation, start by crawling (crawling animation can be found above) and while crawling, jump. To stop this animation simply jump again.

Overall, this is a fun pack meant to make Minecraft Bedrock Edition a bit more realistic.


- Press on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the bottom of the page

- Press on "free access with ads"

- Wait 10 seconds

- Press "Download"

- Open any document app (ex. ES File Explorer, ZArchive) and open it with Minecraft

A video guide can be found in the "GUIDE" section of this website.

When downloading an addon make sure to turn on "Experimental" gameplay!


This pack was created and developed by the talented addon developer "Sirob." He has made over 20 addons, each with extremely high quality and work put into them.

Overall, this amazing addon will make your world more fun and add spice to the game since the vanilla player animations can get old pretty fast. All these animations are easy to use and look stunning. Keep in mind, there is consistent updates with this addon so expect more updates in the near future.

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