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New Adventure Plus - Addon! (Update Beach)

By Guardian Deep

Adds new mobs, new food ( Vanilla texture style ).

Adding old concepts, ideas, and myths.

Added more rare mobs and variations of mobs.

Adding new features to old things!

Use these #NewAdventurePlus, #Endermare, so that I can find your reviews :)

Added soul Pumpkin

Created from Jack's pumpkin and the soul torch underneath, have a terrible Halloween 🤡

Added Monster of Caves Depths ! ! ! ( Suggest : DevastatorX5 )

It spawn for water deep caves

Dangerous for miners who do not expect his vile deadly language ⛏

It is an analog of a creature with minecon ( Mob A )

Added cemetery

All over the world, you can find the graves of long-dead miners, farmers and warriors. Perhaps if you start digging, you will be able to find the button from the clothes

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