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More Tree Variants (v1.1)

By NicoTheKid

More Tree Variants is mod that will make the trees appear more natural and wild looking trees. If you want to make your world look more interesting and adventures, this maybe the one you need.

This mod will add a bunch of tree variants in Minecraft trees, by modifying the tree features. The tree generation may not change at all, from spawn rates or spawning place. Expect the Taigas Forest that adds more tiny trees and bushes.

Most of the trees may appear in different forms like; large, small, mega, tall, branched, and even bush form. This mod does not add any new types of tree or block. Also, this mod are compatible with most of the other mods or add-ons.


Oak Trees:

Oak Trees with Beehive:

Also try my add-on: Micro Biomes Add-on https://mcpedl.com/micro-biomes-add-on-1/


Download Guide: 1. Click the download option below "More Tree Variants (v1.1)". 2. You're leaving MCPEDL.com, just click the "Click here to continue" below. This will go you through Linkvertise site. 3. Verify that you are not a robot by checking the mark box "I'm not a robot". 4. Find & click the "Free Access with Ads". 5. Click the "Discover interesting articles", ads will pop-up. Wait for 10 seconds and then click the "X" button above. 6. After that, click the "Continue" botton, this will processed you to Mediafire Site. 7. In Mediafire, click the download botton to dowload the file.

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