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More Tools Addon (Big Update!)

By SorYPMod

This addon brings 20+ armor type to your game, 20+ decorative blocks and 400+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like. The goal of this addon is just to give you that vanilla vibe nothing more nothing less. Full survival compatible!

NOTE: This addon is still in development it doesnt have all the recipes for all the blocks just yet .To get certains items you have to use commands like this: /give @s sp:item_name.

Addon Description/Documentation

Update preview!

(does not include everything please read the changelog its above download section)

v3 Update! Onyx, Deepslate, Blackstone and retextured

New hammer and scythe textures!

Fore people who dont know this the changelog is above download section you can select the version in the upper left corner or you have an option to show the full changelog in the upper right corner.


High betwen 1500 - 5000 uses

Normal betwen 400 - 1500 uses

Low betwen 30 - 400 uses


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