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Minecraft Classic Texture Pack

By Tal Melamed

This is the old default texture pack of Minecraft, but updated.It's basically a developer art / programmer art texture pack that has updated classic textures of the latest Minecraft update!The new textures are not created originally by Mojang, but they match the old style of the classic texture pack. The difference between this pack and the classic texture pack on the Minecraft Marketplace is quite simple: this pack includes all the textures from the original pack, in addition to new and updated textures, so you don't need to download the original pack to make it work.

Featured Image:

Recommended To Use Together:

  • Console Aspects

  • Console Graphics

Contact & Information - suggest things / report bugs:

  • Twitter: @melamed_tal.

  • YouTube: ExtraLogic.

  • Gmail: talme20@gmail.com.

  • Credits: A lot of classic textures by @McbeEringi.


  • Use the latest Minecraft version to enjoy all the textures.

  • This texture pack works properly on all other platforms.

  • This texture pack works properly on Realms.

  • You CAN active external resource packs in parallel.

  • You DO NOT have to download and activate the classic texture pack from the Minecraft Marketplace to make it work.

  • DO NOT copy and publish the textures of this texture pack without my permission.

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