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MCPE 1.17 Optifine (Bedrocktimize)

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

One major problem with Minecraft Bedrock nowadays, is the unbearable amount of lag users face even when they do the simplest of tasks. Instead of breaking the bank and buying a whole new device, this pack aims to reduce the most lag as possible across all Minecraft Bedrock platforms. Through the exclusion of several lag causing features such as particles, tnt explosions, animations, etc. This pack also makes a significant effort to improve the settings interface to make navigating through the settings seamless and easy.

This addon will work on all devices compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which includes: Windows 10, IOS, Android, Xbox.


- Improved user interface

- Removal of spyglass overlay

- Clear water

- Better settings

- Better creative user interface

- Lower fire

- Less particles

- No lag

- Optimizer

- Less filler animation

- Lower grass

- Nigh vision

- Clear glass

The client is home to so many small details that make it enjoyable to explore all its features.

This pack is perfect for 1.17 as it removes the overlay from the spyglass! The spyglass overlay takes up a significant portion of the screen and could be inconvenient to those who want a clear view of the sight that is magnified. The spyglass is similar to the "optifine" zoom feature which allows you to zoom into certain objects in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


This pack makes a true effort to add new settings features to make it easier for users to change their "POV", hide their "HUD" and hide their player "hand". Having a better interface can make a massive difference in game performance. You are able to change your maximum frame rate through these easy settings. When lowering your maximum frame rate, your game doesn't have over stress itself reaching the highest framer per second as possible, since the limit would put a cap on the intensity your device has to go through.


One underrated feature of this Minecraft Bedrock Edition client is it's clear water! Clear water comes in handy in many instances both in survival or in multiplayer situations. For instance, if you are searching for underwater structures such as Ocean monuments, Ocean ruins, Underwater broken portals and even shipwrecks, the clear water feature will help you see through all the water fog and particles. In a multiplayer scenario, if a player decides to be sneaky and hide underwater, this client allows you to spot them with ease. In gamemodes such as Survival Games, UHC, etc this client will come in handy.


On top of the already impressive selection of features, this client provides a compass and clock for users automatically, without the user having to craft them in survival. The compass provides clear direction to the users nearest spawnpoint and the clock helps user identify what time is it in the game. Perhaps this could be useful in instances where the user wants to mine during night time and explore the surface during day time. Furthermore, this client displays the coordinates of the user at their given location. Coordinates can be used to bookmark lands, meet up with other players, etc.


- Press on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the bottom of the page

- Press on "free access with ads"

- Wait 10 seconds

- Press "Download"

- Open any document app (ex. ES File Explorer, ZArchive) and open it with Minecraft

A video guide can be found in the "GUIDE" section of this website.

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