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Lotad Client

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Another Client for MCPE bas been released!

MCPE Client Texture Packs have been releasing left and right. They are proving what they can do in a single texture pack. And this client is one of the best and has a lot of potential to be the best client for MCPE. I’m talking about the Lotad Client. Yes, they named it after Lotad from Pokemon.

This one of the newest Clients that has been publicly released, yet, this is one of the best Clients out there! The Client has already been reviewed by YouTubers such as FryBry and Riverrain123, and the Client received positive reviews! They don’t lie that this is one of the best MCPE Clients out there, it has a ton of features, and optimizes your game!


  • New Start screen

  • Lotad Start Screen Button (Win10 Only)

  • Custom Settings Section

  • Max FPS Slider and V-Sync

  • Armor HUD

  • Armor Counter

  • Position-Direction (XYZ)

  • Direction

  • Direction Pin

  • Freelook

  • Days (Pack Extension)

This Client has a ton of convenient features, like the typical ones like Armor HUD, A complete overhaul of the UI, which I very much like, and the FPS Slider. They also put some Video Settings in the top of the settings menu, which is very amazing. But the Position-Direction feature is definitely the highlight of this Client. It tells you if you are going the right way when you are lost in your Minecraft World. It shows if you are moving towards or away in a certain axis. If you are always getting lost, this should be a feature you should utilize. They also modified the Enchant Glint, which is very clean and smooth. Freelook is also very polished, and they also added a Debug menu on the top-left. It’s not like the Java Debug Menu, but it does it’s job. If you don’t want the debug and the Armor HUD in your screen, you can simply turn it off in the settings menu.

And since this client is in it’s first version, there are some not so good things about this client. The Armor HUD, the Armor Counter and the Position-Direction HUD is blocking the armor inventory screen, this could be very annoying to some and I would hope they would fix it in a later release.


  • Click the Download button at the bottom of this Article, or just go turtleclient.xyz

  • Click on Download from Linkvertise, although you can also click on the other 2 but if you want to download it immediately, Click Download from Linkvertise.

  • Click on Free Access with ads.

  • Do the operations needed to get the link, which is a MediaFire link.

  • Click on the file to Download it.

  • After you downloaded the File, Import it to Minecraft via a File Explorer (ex. ZArchiver), click on Open with Minecraft and enjoy!


The whole pack is made and coded by OwlBeats58. Go check him out in his YouTube channel. And also don’t steal his code since he worked hard on it.


The Freelook feature is a punishable offense on some servers like The Hive. Use the feature at your own risk.

To sum it all up, Lotad is a pretty solid client. The pack has a clean UI, tons of features, Optimizes your game and will make your experience easier when playing Minecraft. There is still some features that needs to be improved, but this Client is one of the best out there, and you should definitely give this one a try.

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