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Improved Vanilla Shader | IVPE Shader v1.0

By Phantom Kill3R RK

If you like the essence of Minecraft vanilla and you want a shader with good graphic quality, you are in the indicated place. The IVPE Shader is a Shader that will improve your game experience with a greater quality without losing the vanilla essence.



========= Warnings =========

—You can be modified only for personal use. —It is forbidden to distribute this package with modifications in the code. —It is forbidden to take this package and publish it to your name. —If you are creating codes, and you want to use some code of the IVPE Shader, you just have to ask for the permission through any of my social networks.

YouTube: Phantom Graphics

I usually publish constant updates of my resource packages to my YouTube channel, so if you want to visit it to see the new updates would not be more than supporting me with a subscription. https://youtube.com/channel/UCdXFkCczatYEXm1HYlbDUwA

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