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Health Expansion

By Nubbdz

Health Expansion gives a more RPG themed survival, there are currently 2 gamemodes:


  • You start with your regular 10 hearts

  • Everytime you die you lose a heart

  • The heart item gives you an extra heart unless you're at 40 hearts


  • You start with 1 heart

  • Whenever you die, you gain 1 extra heart

  • If you die with 10 hearts, you become a ghost

  • The heart item removes 1 heart, but grants you another life

Lifesteal Alpha:

  • You start with 10 hearts

  • When you die, you lose a heart

  • If you die on your last heart you become a ghost

  • The heart item gives you a heart unless you're at 40 hearts

  • Everytime you kill someone you gain a heart

Ever get tired of the usual 10 hearts, think it's too easy, think it's too hard, then this addon is just for you!

Minecraft recently updated and made it so you have to enable Holiday Creator Features to be able to play, you can turn it off if you don't want the heart item tho

You can craft Hearts based on which mode you downloaded!

Easy crafting

How to use hearts

Just interact with it as if you are eating it


This addon uses Minecraft's 1.17.10 entity format, so you would need to update your game to at least 1.17.10 to be able to use this addon.

In this update, Lifesteal is getting another update where you can withdraw hearts. That's it, there's the update

Also HUGE thanks to Vatonage for his Heart Containers addon, this was my 2nd inspiration for this addon (main inspiration being the lifesteal plugin on Java Edition), I'm going to be using my own code for now, thanks for being the main placeholder of this entire project.

Discord: Nubbdz#0474

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2KrDNaYGAN

Twitter: @nubbdz

I am mostly active on my Discord

Experimental Gameplay(Holiday Creator Features) is required to play this addon

Experimental Gameplay(Enable Gametest Framework) is required to play Lifesteal

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