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Haptic Shader (Autumn Season)

By BlueLight Creatives Studio

Let’s all make great adventures together with Minecraft’s customisable shader, the Haptic Shader; for iOS, iPad and Android! Pick various kinds of shader themes and feel the best out of your maps or create your own custom theme and make your shader unimaginable!

Haptic Shader aims to enhance the illuminations of your world with pure vibrant and vivid colours, fluid waving animations, brilliant skies, and smooth shadows with a minimal to lag-free experience! It's built on mobile and designed for mobile.


  • Fluid Waving Animations

  • Brilliant Skies

  • Visual Realistic Moon

  • High-Quality Sun

  • HD Font and Rain

  • Pure Vibrant and Vivid Colours

  • Enhanced Illuminations

  • Brighter Oceans

  • Borderless Glass (activated in Resource Settings)

  • 3 New Subpacks featuring: Classic Texture, Haptic Plus, and 4K Moon

  • Dedicated Haptic Graphics Control Center app available on Google Play for Android

Recommended Brightness: 50% - Normal Gameplay : 0% - Vivid Colours


  • Android — works on most of your mobile devices

  • iOS

This shader does not support Windows 10 and Console Editions of Minecraft, and RenderDragon.

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