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Food's Plus

By dream pixel

Do you wish that minecraft had more foods? or different food types? Well wish no more! this addon comes with over 260+ brand new foods to the game. It has everything from baking and breakfast food items to beverages. and best of all, you can craft most of them in survival.

🍎 Food's Plus 🍎

This addon adds over 260+ new foods into the game, And best of all, you can craft most of them in survival. This addon is perfect for roleplaying, cities, and survival.


🌮New Update!🌮

The fifth update is here! it adds 19 new foods

Update version 5 is live! this is a bonus weekly update :), adds all kinds of new foods!

what does it add?

  • Spanish rice

  • Truffles

  • 3 new tacos

  • 2 new sandwichs

  • 3 milk teas

  • and...more!


🍳 Foods can be crafted in survival! 🍳


🍍 Different food types 🍍

This addon features a variety of different food types. some foods will need to be baked or cooked and will give you extra saturation.

Some Foods that can found in this addon

  • Baking 🥧

  • Sweets/Candy's 🍭

  • Breakfast foods 🍳

  • American Foods 🍔

  • Beverages 🍹

  • Asian foods 🍣

  • and... more! 🥫


❓Frequently asked Questions❓

Can i use this for my maps/projects?

Of course! You can use this addon for whatever you like, just be sure to give credit.

Will new foods be added?

Yes, I plan on adding new food types, ingredients, recipes and possibly adding up to 1,000 different foods.

I cant find the new foods?

If you cant find the new foods included with the update, be sure to download the latest version of the mod, you can find a list of the versions in the download section. If you still have issues getting the addon to work be sure to join our discord, the link can be found bellow.


💬Need any help, want to suggest a new feature or chat? Join us on discord!💬

Our discord

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