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ENBS Shader v1.5

By EzPhoenix

A Lightweight Shader

If you're looking for a shader that slightly optimizes your minecraft fps and adjust it's graphics, well you just found it. ENBS Shader has a beautiful coloring and lighting, you might not expect alot of features coming from this shader because this is for people who have a hard time keeping up with the game lagging but we the devs are constantly updating our shader to make it better for you to use. I actually post updates & bug fixes in my website on a daily/weekly basis so make sure to check out my website click here

Screenshots :

Features :

  • Sun Flare

  • Bright Sky

  • Player Shadow

  • Wet Rain Effect

  • Smooth Lighting

  • Dynamic Lighting

  • Underwater Wavy Effect

  • Realistic Sun and Moon

  • Waving Animations

  • More Features Coming Soon!

Supported Platforms :

  • Android & iOS

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