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Coro Shader PE | CRSPE 2.0

By JenengkuDepta

Coro Shader Enchaned Default

Coro Shaders Enhanced Default is a shader that makes your Minecraft more realistic with improved graphics and colors.

Coro Shader can be abbreviated as CRSPE ( CoRo Shader PE )

Coro Shaders Enhanced Default is a shader that enhances coloring in your world minecraft

Yes, Coro Shader. I made this shader during the corona pandemic. So I was confused about what to name, instead of being confused, I already named it CORO SHADER.

• Screenshot

Day :

Sunset/rise :

Features v2.0 :

  • Improved Saturation

  • Enhanced Coloring world

  • Simple wet effect

  • Dark in the night

  • Sky colorfull

  • Direct Light

  • Enhanced cloud

  • Clear water

  • Improved end Coloring ( a little bright )

  • Specular on the block ( only sun set/rise )


  • Redmi 9t

  • Oppo a3s

  • Redmi note 5

Note : Does not suport WIN10, idk this shader supports IOS or not



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