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Bridge Addon (Version 1.3.0)

By Noah22nice Studios

This Addon adds 12 bridges to your world. Nearly every bridge has 2 parts. A Start Part and a End Part. 4 Bridges only have one Part You can build your own bridge, as long as you want out of this. You can walk over the bridge or use it for decoration. It is a nice thing for every world. Hope you enjoy the Addon!!

There are 12 bridges

The bridge is one block wide and the middle parts are one block long.

The 12 bridges are:

Oak Wood Bridge

Spruce Wood Bridge

Oak Wood Bridge

Dark Oak Wood Bridge

Jungle Wood Bridge

Acacia Wood Bridge

Crimson Wood Bridge

Warped Wood Bridge

Bamboo Bridge

Metal Bridge

Stone Bridge

and Brick Bridge

To get all bridges tip in:

/function all_bridges

Crafting Recipes:

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