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Bedwars V2 [32x]

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

On of the most iconic games in Minecraft without a doubt has to be "Bedwars". Even though Minecraft Bedrock Edition does not have an exact copy of Bedwars from Minecraft Java Edition, we get the great alternative, Treasure wars! Treasure wars functions similar to Bedwars since both game modes involve you protecting your "bed" or "treasure" with loot generators scattered throughout the map. The middle of the map tends to have the best loot and the generators tend to drop out better loot. There is also shops at each teams spawn that provide players with blocks, golden apples, bow and arrows, swords and much more. The last team or player standing in the map wins the game!

There are many strategies to this intricate game mode such as speed bridging, snow balling, etc. One major advantage that players can take advantage of to perform their strategies is having a good texture pack that removes lag and makes the textures much more smoother and cleaner for bedwars players. These textures are very simple to ensure Minecraft does not lag or experience trouble.


- 32 x 32 textures

- Teal blue texture theme

- No lag

- Better ores

- Sharper and more detailed particles

- Smooth wool

- Custom user interface


The armor of this pack looks incredible with very detailed textures and a realistic galaxy sky! Normally, skies in Minecraft Bedrock Edition are rather plain and don't offer much realism apart from the blocky clouds. You are able to experience Minecraft in a much more realistic way through this texture pack. The pack is very clean and has stunning textures for the iron, diamond, leather and gold armor! The leather armor has a bit of black around the knee area to provide a more unique experience.


It requires a significant amount of power to render all the Minecraft vanilla textures. Minecraft bedrock Edition has over 400 distinct textures, some being overly detailed! This texture pack makes all the textures much more easier for your game to load as this is a 32x pack with minimalistic details.


This pack also includes a custom new user interface that makes the D pad and crouch button much more cleaner and aesthetic. The buttons are very simple with a sleek blue and black color theme. In the background, we can also see the new ores this texture pack offers. The ores are very similar to the vanilla ore textures but is slightly simpler. We also get longer and more narrow swords.


This texture pack was created by the talented, Tory. Tory is well known for creating awesome texture packs that enhance Minecraft Bedrock Edition game mode. Tory also has his own online store that sells Minecraft texture packs.

This texture pack was by Tory but was ported form Minecraft Java Edition to Minecraft Bedrock Edition by Ack.


- Press on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the bottom of the page

- Press on "free access with ads"

- Wait 10 seconds

- Press "Download"

- Open any document app (ex. ES File Explorer, ZArchive) and open it with Minecraft

A video guide can be found in the "GUIDE" section of this website.

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