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Aesthetic Fantasy Shaders/Textures

By YamaRin Skylec

The Aesthetic Fantasy is a resource pack that dyes your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world with cute colours and includes shaders and textures (32x and 16x resolutions).It would be perfect for many situations such as your survival, building, PvP, and others.Check its features right below and download it now!

Shader Features:

  • Realistic water waves and reflections of the sun/moon

  • Shader-based rendering of clouds, the sun with lens flare, and the moon with moon phase.

  • Beautiful underwater caustic

  • Sun/moon reflections on ores and ore blocks

Texture Features:

  • 32x resolution textures of blocks (but not all yet.)

  • 16x resolution textures of swords (shorter than vanilla) and armours for PvP

Supported Platforms:

  • Android

  • iOS, iPad OS

  • Windows 10, 11 (important note: all shaders don't work in 1.16.200 or later game versions because the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine that was added from those versions is not supportable (and also Windows 11 is untested but I'm sure it will work).)

Tested on:

  • Windows 10 (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti)

  • Google Pixel 3a (Adreno 615)

  • iPad 6th Gen (PowerVR Series7XT Plus)

Changing Configuration:

To compensate this shader pack contains a configuration file so users can edit it directly to modify its behaviour.

  • Unpack the .mcpack file to some directory. It's just a zip archive.

  • Open the config file (directory it's in depends on your platform) with your favourite editor.

Windows 10:

shaders > hlsl > config.fxh

Android, iOS, and iPad OS:

shaders > glsl > config.h

  • Edit the file to change the configuration.

  • Archive it again, and install it.

For example, you can disable the underwater caustic by changing the following line:


To this:


Contact to Author:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MCH_YamaRin

  • Discord: YamaRin#8139

Discord Server:

  • Discord Invite

Join my Discord to get the newest information, and have fun talking with your friends!


  • Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

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