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3D Combat Addon - Major Bug Fixes + Improved Animations

By pixeleddoki

This addons goal is to provide a better combat experience it does this by adding better animations, new weapons and special mechanics to weapons with each type of weapon having a unique use disclaimer made in a week

New Things: Added the ability to use animations for other addons weapons by putting tag:minecraft:is_(weapon type) improved first person animations and overall attack animations added the ability to switch to combat mode and normal mode using subpacks

A exhaust and cooldown system

to the sidebar you see the exhaust and to the middle of your hotbar you see the cooldown timer

if exhaust reaches lower than 10 you will be given weakness and slowness

The Weapon types:

longswords: heavy damage weapon available in the normal weapon materials

for now they can be dual wielded

has a dash/sprint attack

combo attacks are available when dual wielded

spears: low damage but enough to kill an animal

has a dash/sprint attack

now throwable

lances: massive weapon with high attack deals more damage when on a horse or sprinting

katanas: is a straight blade with one curved edge does than normal damage

wakizashi has new specoal charged ability

weapon has two variants the wakizashi and the uchi you can equip uchi on off hand d wakizashi on main to get an effect like this:

longbows: long charge higher damage than normal bow needs arrow off hand to shoot

why use it?

it doesnt require arrows it depends only on your exhaust

sabers: because of its curvature it does more damage than normal blades

can block enemy attacks by sneaking

has the ability to give strength upon use

daggers: normal weapon normal damage

has a special assasinate mechanic that lets you one shot or highly damage something when sneaking whilst invisible

can be held in the off hand for a bonus dagger damage

katar: fast attack speed does more damage than dual wielded daggers when dual wielded

dual wielded grants the wielder an ability to charge strike

pole hammer: medium attack speed medium damage nothing special yet

has an area attack special

greatsword: slow attack speed high damage and it can hit multiple targets

has a spin charge attack

bec de corbin: only available in iron it has two modes(craft to switch)

and it also has a sprint attack


fair damage

stuns enemies(gives em slowness upon hit)

lower damage on horseback


dual wielded

balanced damage weapon with a lunge attack

equipping it will make your offhand unusable and if you have a shield it will give it back(only shield work for now)


one handed

fairly balanced weapon with jump damage boost and sprint damage boost

has multiple strike animations

A better first person experience

combat mode fully integrated

to activate wear no armor and hold no item

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