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1x1 Texture Pack MCPE (One Pixeled)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

In this texture pack, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is taken to the max. Instead of having 16x16 texture or even 8x8 textures, this texture pack goes outside of the box and provides 1x1 textures. 1x1 textures happen to be the most simplest Minecraft textures can be. Thanks to these extremely simple textures, running the game smoothly will be a breeze. Since your device does not have to load in the detailed textures anymore, you can expect your game to run faster and be useful in all instances, especially on Minecraft servers or PvP situations.

All devices that run Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 or higher should have issue running this pack. This will work on the following platforms: IOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox


- 1 by 1 textures

- Extremely simple textures

- FPS boost

- Lag reducer

- Game optimizer

- Smooth water

- Smooth fire

For a 1x1 pack, you are still able to tell what is going on but still gives you that FPS boost you may want even on Minecraft servers. In many Minecraft servers, the goal is to be the best at minigames such as skywars, bedwars, etc so its important to have a smooth game so you are able to have responsive controls and real time effects. Lagging in servers is something that can ruin your ability to perform to the best of your ability against other players luckily this pack was designed to reduce lag so you are to perform better in serves.

This pack is extremely popular in the "Hive" server in Minecraft which is home to some amazing games. In the image above, we see how the simple textures make everything appear cleaner and less detailed. Another effect of having simple textures is players being able to focus better on the game itself. Sometimes, the great detail in the vanilla textures can be too much and hinder the focus of the player which should be to win the minigame, not worry about the textures.

This pack is always in development so look out for updates! This pack was made for the Hive server! We can also notice the clean water and simple grass. Everything in this pack is made to be as simple as possible so you can run Minecraft smoother! The Hive lobby looks extremely simple in this amazing 1 by 1 pack!


This useful texture pack was developed by the talented "Fused Bolt" who is well known for making simple addons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. He has made other iconic addons such as "Falling Leaves", "Lilly Pads Plus" and much more. His addons are extremely popular throughout the YouTube community and has made several appearances on FryBry.


- Press on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the bottom of the page

- Press on "free access with ads"

- Wait 10 seconds

- Press "Download"

- Open any document app (ex. ES File Explorer, ZArchive) and open it with Minecraft

A video guide can be found in the "GUIDE" section of this website.


Once the pack has been imported to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, select the "options" button and look at the left column. Scroll down until you see "Global Resources." Press on "Global Resources" button. Then look under packs and activate "1x1 Textures". Then you exit the options menu and enjoy your game with this amazing texture pack!

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