Introducing EverythingMCPE!

EverythingMCPE is a free website designed to provide Minecraft Bedrock Edition users with the best addons, shaders, clients, texture packs, etc. We know how hard it can be to find safe addons online but EverythingMCPE takes away all the guess work. We work with dozens of underrated pack creators from all over the world. We want to give you a voice. A chance to show off your skills. A way to interact with like minded individuals without paying a single penny! We encourage you to submit your own creations to be featured on this website. We make sure only trusted and safe creations to be featured. We post all new addons/texturepacks/shaders on our blog that can be found on the "HOME" page! 

We also provide free guides showing how to install files on this website, so anyone new to the space can comfortably get used to our system. 

We are going to help the Minecraft community with this website and we aim to construct a bright future for Minecraft Bedrock. 

This website was founded by Bryant Vidals, also known as FryBry on YouTube. FryBry is a Mexican American Youtuber with over 135,000 subscribers! He arranged this website to help the bedrock community and aims to expand the community in creative ways that make everyone feel comfortable. FryBry credits his inspiration to another fellow YouTuber "SuperShiftery" who also makes similar content and encouraged him to start this very website. FryBry hopes to give small pack creators a voice in the community and get their name out there.